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Create Your Escape: A Practical Guide for Planning Long-Term Travel (self-published paperback and e-book)


Mozart Data (cloud data services):

Avail Car Sharing (part of Allstate):

CommerceIQ (e-commerce):

Emerald Works (L&D):

HousingWire white papers (real estate):

Reggora (real estate):

Snapdocs (real estate):

Homesnap (real estate):

Branded Content & Advertorials:

Foreign Policy’s Graduate Guide (my role is editor & project manager):

FinLedger (fintech-focused media):

Spain Tourism Board + Skyscanner collaboration:

Portugal Tourism Board + Skyscanner collaboration:

Costa Rica Tourism Board + Skyscanner collaboration:

Homesnap + Inman collaboration (real estate):

United Airlines + Changi Airport Group + Skyscanner collaboration:

MGM + The Washington Post Express collaboration:

Changi Airport Group + Singapore Tourism Board + Skyscanner collaboration:

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism + Skyscanner collaboration:

The Washington Post Magazine:

The Washington Post:

Visit Greenville, SC + The Washington Post collaboration:


Combined Federal Campaign + The Washington Post collaboration:

Skyscanner (author page):

Homesnap (real estate):

Content That Works:

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