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Create Your Escape: A Practical Guide for Planning Long-Term Travel (self-published paperback and e-book)

-Interviewed for U.S. News & World Report article about long-term travel.

Brand Content & Advertorials:

Portugal Tourism Board + Skyscanner collaboration:
10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Porto
European Charm Meets Modern Culture in Northern Portugal

Homesnap + Inman collaboration (real estate):
3 Ways to Get Ahead in 2020 — Starting Right Now

Changi Airport Group + Singapore Tourism Board + Skyscanner collaboration:
Double Your Vacation With a Stopover in Singapore
Indulge in Famously Delicious Food During a Stopover in Singapore
Plan a Stopover in Singapore to Experience Asia’s Fashion-Forward City

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism + Skyscanner collaboration:
Travel to the Indonesian Islands’ Best Beaches
Top Attractions and Activities in Bali
Explore Komodo National Park in Indonesia
Top Things to do in Yogyakarta
Travel to Indonesia: A City Tour of Jakarta
Coolest Things to Do in Bandung
Indonesia Travel Guide: Top Experiences You Didn’t Know About

MGM + The Washington Post Express collaboration:
Entertainment No Longer Belongs to Just the Weekend

The Washington Post Magazine:
Senior Living: Retirement Communities for Your Lifestyle
Experiences to Embrace This Spring
Discover Local Gems on a Fall Road Trip
From Mountains to the Coast: Maryland’s Best Destinations for Spring Trips
Get Out, Explore Local: Regional Road Trip Destinations
Local Getaways That are Better in Autumn
Escape to the Mountains of West Virginia
Spotlight on Maryland: Get Outdoors, Walk Through History
Get Off the Grid: Top Local Escapes for Unplugging and Letting Loose
An Open-Road Adventure in Autumn

The Washington Post:
Storm Preparedness Guide Summer 2018
Hurricane Preparedness 2017: What You Need to Know

Visit Greenville, SC + The Washington Post collaboration:
Your Guide to a Flavorful Autumn
The Ultimate Girls’ Getaway in Greenville
Follow Your Taste Buds to Greenville
Get Away in May, Greenville, S.C. is Calling

Combined Federal Campaign + The Washington Post Express collaboration:
Striving to Improve the Quality of Life for Disadvantaged Africans
Where Local Artists With Disabilities Build a Career
A Serious Undertaking to End Colorectal Cancer
Bringing Hope to Those Living With Type 1 Diabetes
Local Hospices and Volunteers Serve With Compassion
CFC Supporter Story: The Impact of a Charity’s Assistance
Give, Volunteer, Advocate: United Way’s Approach to Strengthening the Community
From Food Waste to Feeding Thousands
The Most Dangerous Profession You’ve Never Heard Of
An Holistic Approach to Transforming Communities Around the World
From Coast to Coast, Volunteers Help Make Dreams Come True
CFC Supporter Story: My Cause My Way
CFC Supporter Story: The Power of Education
Despite Hurricane Destruction, There’s Hope (page 19-21 on the slider/T3-T5 in the issue)
CFC Supporter Story: Generations of Givers (page 22 on the slider/T6 in the issue)
Making a Positive Impact: Life After Breast Cancer (page 25 on the slider/T10 in the issue)
Making a Worldwide Impact From Home (page 27 on the slider/T12 in the issue)

Email Marketing:

Homesnap (real estate):
Product Activation Email
Product Welcome Email
Product Onboarding Email 1
Product Onboarding Email 2
Product Onboarding Email 3
Announcement Email: Relaunched Website
Product Flash Sale Email
Article published in client’s newsletter to increase app awareness


Content That Works:
3 Proven Tips to Craft the Perfect Holiday Tablescape
Party On: How to Host an Epic Holiday Bash

Enhance Your Resume with Travel

Top 10 Sustainable Destinations to Visit in 2020
8 Best Ecotourism Destinations to Visit in 2020
Tips for Dealing With Thanksgiving Travel Delays
Singapore Claims Title of World’s Most Powerful Passport
U.S. Government Warns Americans Not to Travel to Cuba
TSA: New Requirements For Electronics at Airport Security
10 Wildlife Encounters for Animal Lovers
Mother’s Day Weekend Trip Ideas
In-Flight Ban on Large Electronic Devices: What You Need to Know
How to Spend One Week in Morocco
10 Things Not to Forget Before an International Trip
6 Ancient Temples of Southeast Asia You Must See
Make Myanmar Your Next International Trip
5 Fun Spring Festivals Around the World You Need to Check Out
Top Destinations for Hyatt Hotels’ Seasonal Discount
10 Best Race Destinations for Runners
The Ultimate Guide to the 2017 U.S. Presidential Inauguration
Best U.S. Hotels for Getting Into the Holiday Spirit
Destinations for Emirates’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Flight Deals
How to Make the Most of Art Basel Miami Beach
How to Plan the Best Road Trip Around Iceland
The Best Places to Ski in the U.S.
Best Times to Book Flights to See Fall Foliage
Travel Tips to Help Avoid Theft
Top Music Festivals Around the World
Southeast Asia’s Best Beaches
10 Prisons Travelers Can Tour or Stay the Night At
What You Need to Know About Tourist Visas
Plan an Epic Trip to Southern Africa
When to Shop at Duty-Free Stores
Enjoy Live Jazz at These Top Venues Around America
Best Museums to Visit in Washington, D.C.
America’s Up-and-Coming Cities for Foodies
Top Hotels for Celebrity Sightings in America
Guide to St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago
Combat Motion Sickness on a Cruise Ship or Airplane
Indulge Your Senses with 24 Hours in Bangkok

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