About Me

Hi, I’m Tara. I’ve been writing professionally for more than a decade and am selective in the clients I take on, which I like for two main reasons. First, I want to build deep, lasting relationships with the people and organizations I work with. Second, I guarantee focus and attention to detail by not being stretched too thin. I have a BA in journalism and a strong background in writing advertising and marketing copy, as well as travel, lifestyle, home and food & beverage content.

My love for writing emerged during my high school years after I read The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck, and then subsequently devoured as many Vonnegut novels as possible. Great writing is inspirational. For me, a blank page is an opportunity to create something meaningful, whether it’s artistic or informative.

I’m also a well-known travelaholic, having quit my job with my husband some years ago to travel the world for 14 months. Even though my passport is filled with stamps and visas, my hunger for adventure has yet to cease.

Speaking of hunger, I’m always excited about my next meal. I enjoy cooking almost as much as I love writing. Cooking clears my mind and is a fun, creative outlet. Recipes give me inspiration, but I don’t follow them. I love putting my own mix of ingredients together to make a delicious meal.

Last, and most importantly, I love pugs.